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While it's impossible to know every conceivable repair that an investment property owner may face, we strive to help property managers and owners anticipate needed repairs before they become emergencies. We accomplish this by working with you to perform a detailed property inspection and quoting repairs which provide the most return on investment and the greatest reduction in future maintenance costs. We can make suggestions on a wide range of products and strategies to get the biggest return on your investment while minimizing wear and tear on your property.

General Maintenance

Rental properties take heavy abuse from your tenants. 

Inevitably, you'll receive a call from your tenant about a 

leaking faucet, running toilet, or other general maintenance

task. If not repaired quickly, these items can lead to both 

irritated tenants and damage to your property. 

At Boyd Property Group, we can handle all of your basic 

(and complicated!) maintenance tasks. We're happy to 

provide a free estimate for any of the following services

including (but not limited to):

  • Carpentry                         

  • Flooring                                             

  • Exterior Railing Repairs

  • Light Plumbing               

  • Doors/Windows                               

  • Gutters/Downspouts

  • Light Electrical               

  • Rot Repair

  • Roofing Repairs             

  • Cabinetry Installation/Repair

  • Siding                                 

  • Trim Work

  • Decking                           

  • Installation of Towel Rods, TP Holders, etc.


Contract Maintenance

Some maintenance tasks need repetitive attention. We offer 

competitive pricing on the following contract services:

HVAC Filter Replacement

Smoke Alarm Testing, Installation, Replacement

Water Filter Replacement

Fire Extinguisher Installation, Replacement, & Inspections

All repair contracts are scheduled on an annual basis

We provide a convenient electronic report of all contract work completed sent straight

to your email! 


View our contract packages here

Signing Contract

Property Inspections

Even your best performing properties need to have eyes

put on them every once and a while. Property inspections

provide a great opportunity to connect with tenants, check

for deferred maintenance, and evaluated the general 

condition of your property. 

We can provide you with a detailed inspection report, 

sent straight to your email. Our itemized report provides

color pictures with accurate descriptions of all required 

maintenance. We'll even make some suggestions on things 

that should be addressed. 

Check out an example of our electronic inspection report sent right to your inbox!

Tenant Turnovers

Vacant properties do not produce income. When your 

tenant decides to end their lease, it's important to have a

team in place to quickly prepare it for the next lease. 

We can work closely with you to determine needed

repairs and package everything together into one estimate

After approval, our team will work quickly to get your 

property back on the market and leased to your next tenant!

Due to our busy schedule, we would love to talk to you in advance of your vacancy. This

allows us to get straight to work as soon as your tenant leaves, thereby reducing downtime. 

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