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Let the experts at Boyd Property Group help keep your investment in top condition. We provide cost effective, timely maintenance services for rental property owners, tenants, and property managers. Check out our services below to see how we can best assist you in keeping your investment profitable!

General Maintenance

Your property requires maintenance in order to remain profitable. Whether your job is scheduled, or an emergency, we can guide you through every step of the process!

Contract Maintenance

Let our staff assist you in scheduled maintenance with our annual service contracts. Let us worry about scheduling pest control, changing HVAC filters, and checking smoke alarm batteries!

Property Inspections

Keeping tabs on your investment is one of your most important tasks. We can provide property inspections on your schedule and deliver a report straight to your email!

Tenant Turnovers

Vacancy creates a loss of revenue for your property.

See how Boyd can assist in quickly getting your property turned over and ready to lease to new tenants

Appliance Leasing

We can provide low cost appliance installation, maintenance, and upgrades to fit any budget. All basic household appliances are available including washers, dryers, ranges, and refrigerators leased monthly!

One Call Does It All 

Access To All Trades

Whether you own a single rental property or a portfolio of houses, you have made a significant investment in your financial future. At Boyd Property Group, we understand because we're investment property owners too! We know that every dollar counts and that proper care and maintenance of your properties is crucial to getting the highest rent possible.

While we provide routine maintenance and repair services, we want to be more than your handyman. We seek to provide property owners with a holistic approach to reducing maintenance costs and increasing cash flow.

Let us leverage our years of experience in the construction and property management industries to help you maximize the return on your properties!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Property Group

Boyd Property Group was formed after splitting from Oak Road Properties, LLC, a local real estate investment group. We chose to split our company in order to share our expertise in rental property maintenance with other local landlords and property managers. We are excited to begin working in our community to help other property owners find the success that we have with our own rental portfolio.


Check out our projects!

At The Boyd Property Group, we are proud of the work we do! Check out some of our recent projects and some before and after pictures. Click the image below!



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